Monday, April 6, 2020

 Making Pizza A Little Bit More Healthy

Hello Friends !  Since the last time I posted life has changed...for all of us with the Covid-19 Virus disrupting our lives, and for us personally.  In late February my WONDERFUL husband had a severe heart attack.  No health problems before, never smoked, eats healthy (most of the time), no medications other than an allergy pill and some eye drops, and good blood test results.  We were/are great walkers, love our new community where we have beautiful places to walk as well as great exercise classes and gym facilities...and each time we would go to the doctor for a check up he was told "well, your cholesterol is a little high, but that is because your GOOD numbers are so good.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Never expected this heart attack.   Luckily, we live in a great area with wonderful health care and he was whisked to the hospital where the cardiac team was waiting.  After three stents and damage to his heart we are home and learning to eat healthy ALL of the time.  And so grateful that he survived this "widow maker" heart attack.  So many don't and I am blessed to have him by my side. to make one of his favorite foods in a healthy way ?   For years we have had pizza each Friday night.  It is a tradition that started before we retired and made each Friday night so relaxing.   But, a few years ago I started thinking we should try to "healthy up" our pizza and began making it with a whole wheat crust, low fat cheese, lots of veggies.  Now I am making an effort to do that, and more...with more organic foods.   Here is my new pizza recipe - 

I found these pizza crusts at Whole Foods.  Not a Whole Foods shopper before, but it has become difficult to find whole wheat crusts.  Walmart used to carry a brand we liked, then discontinued.  Some crusts are whole wheat but loaded with other not so healthy ingredients.  I found these and they are pretty good.  No very thick at all, but healthy.

I use a pizza stone....this was a gift from a friend years ago and it is very discolored but it does a great job.   Since these photos I have started to put the stone in the oven at 450 degrees to heat up while I make the pizza, then transfer it to the stone to bake.
Upped my game with this organic sauce....I used to use whatever was on sale, but going for quality from now on.
Cheese !  I did a little research and found that mozzarella is pretty heart healthy...and I always choose the "part skim" reduced fat version.  I was thinking of going to the FAT FREE...but that seemed to have too many chemicals and not a great idea.

After I spread the sauce and cheese on the shell I put a layer of spinach.  I buy spinach when it is on sale, chop it , and then roll in plastic wrap in small amounts.  I always have a freezer bag of spinach in my freezer.  I use it for pizza, or to throw in other dishes.  This keeps me from finding spinach that is "past it's prime" in the back of the crisper drawer.

Also add mushrooms.  Whenever I am at Aldi I buy as many of these mushrooms as I can.  They are great in lots of recipes and Aldi has a great price.

I drain the mushrooms before putting them on the pizza so that the finished pizza is not too soggy.
Another topping is peppers.  I love to snack on these sweet little peppers and they are great on pizza.
I chop them into small pieces and make sure no seeds are left.
Once everything is on the pizza I slide it into the oven and bake for 
10-15 minutes.

The finished pizza is really tasty.  In full disclosure, my husband says
"it is delicious, but it is not pizza."   For now, it is!!!

Are you ready for Easter ?  What a strange Palm Sunday yesterday...and Easter is going to be just as strange.  No church ( except on Livestream), no family dinners, no egg hunts.   But we can do this and stay safe for future Easter holidays. I decided to decorate for Easter just to keep our home looking spring like and happy.  I did not put out all of our decorations - just enough to make it special.
A simple coffee table arrangement on a stray tray.  All of the silk tulips you see I bought many years ago on a great sale and love the way they look.

These are Ukrainian Easter Eggs, or pysanka.  These lovely eggs are made of wood and painted in these beautiful designs.  I treasure these.  They belonged to my mother-in-law who passed away shortly after we were married.  Everytime I put them out I think of here and know she is happy we are still enjoying them.

Some more eggs and flowers on the mantel.
I put this plate near a window to catch the sun through the colors.
A little picture of eggs in a nest on a side table.
This was a Christmas ornament from a dear friend...but since it has tulips on it I put it out for Easter and Spring.

Simple dining room decor...more eggs and tulips.
A little bit of color and inspiration in the foyer.

I love these chick salt and pepper shakers...from Hallmark, many years ago.
And this bunny perched near the wine rack....who looks like he is pondering what we will do when the wine runs out.  Here in our state the state run Wine and Spirit shops are closed .  You can purchase some wine and beer in some grocery stores, but supplies are running low.  

And last of all this cute little bunny dish I found at a charity sale last year.   Just made me smile.

Thank you so much for stopping by Our New Vista today.  How are you coping with the virus pandemic and are you staying inside and socially isolating ?  Any tips, tricks, or recipes to share ?  Please leave a comment below - I love hearing from people all over.  Until then, take care, be safe, and stay healthy !

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