Saturday, April 14, 2018

April Showers!

April Showers!

Well, Spring has finally arrived here is Pennsylvania!  Yesterday and today have been lovely - though a little TOO warm with temps going into the 80's.   That is how it happens sometimes...we go right from winter into summer.   Tomorrow the very warm weather goes away and the forecast is for a very rainy couple of days ahead.   The perfect time to take away the Easter wreath from the door and get ready for April Showers.   This was a simply decoration to put together - I found the spring green umbrella at Dollar Tree and picked up some spring flowers there, too.   A piece of ribbon from my leftover crafts and it was ready to go.   I love the way it hangs perfectly in the center of our door...but don't like that it covers the peephole.  But, since we are in an apartment now it really does not matter as we usually know who is at our door.  We have been loving apartment living and all the new friends we have made!

Once the warmer weather showed up it was time to "lighten up" the pillows and decor in our living area.   I found this end of a bolt at JoAnn Fabrics and it contained all the colors to pull together our furniture and look lighter for Spring and Summer.  I had to work around this end of the bolt, but I got it at a good price and I knew I could make it work.  
I was able to pair it up with this navy blue fabric - still have some of this left over from when we bought the chair and ottoman in 1993!   This fabric covers the dining chairs, too.   
By using the navy scraps as the back of the pillows I was able to make a few pillows and a nice sized table scarf out of the fabric.
 I like the way the table looks light and airy - and I love having a table with a cloth there to hide the floor outlet and be a hiding place for anything else I don't know where to put!
 Here is the long loved navy chair and ottoman...I switched out the dark brown pillows for Spring green to pull everything together.
Still not sure of the pillows on the sofa...and in moving things around and getting the screen patio ready for the season I moved some plants outside...which made some space inside.   Moved one of the dining arm chairs to a corner near the window and am living with it until I see how we like it there.   So far, so good - and I am thinking I have just enough fabric left to make a pillow for that, too.   A project for next week - as we have been sick with a cold/flu? and are just starting to feel better and back to normal.

Do you change your decor for the seasons or keep it the same all year ?  Let me know and post a comment below - I would love to hear from you !  Until then, enjoy the April showers wherever you are...even if they are SNOW SHOWERS!

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