Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Patriotic Lunch

 Patriotic Lunch

Here at Our New Vista the patriotic decorations come out the week before Memorial Day and stay until after the 4th of July.  I love to use all my red, white, and blue items for entertaining and for everyday use.  We had the pleasure of hosting good friends for lunch last week and I enjoyed making some special treats...and buying some others to make it an easy day.
Table setting was all the red, white and blue I could find in my cupboards.   After downsizing and moving last year I still find myself looking for items I sold at our yard sale, donated, or gave away.  I used check placemats, red chargers from Christmas, our everyday white dishes, blue napkins, and filled in the blue with my Blue Willow.

The flatware I found at Ross several years ago....it was a deal, but I only have service for four so if I entertain a group I can't use it  - but use some pieces as serving pieces.   The centerpiece is our flag - no more front porch to hang it on - so I put it on a silver platter, wrapped it around a Dollar Tree patriotic balloon holder, and added the silver lighted stars that were in the Dollar Zone of Target.
I thought the mix of Blue Willow added a bit of interest to the the table.  This dish held wonderful chicken salad for an easy lunch.
Along with some Almond Joy cookies and Rolo Bites, I made a strawberry tart.   Easy with a packaged pie crust, strawberry preserves, and then topped with fresh berries that are SO good this time of the year.
A little take home treat for our guests...a snack bag of the Rolo Bites and Almond Joys to snack on at home.  It was a great visit with good friends.  We love entertaining in our new space.   Do you decorate for the patriotic season?   How long do you keep the decorations out?  Please leave a comment - I would love to hear from you!   Thank you for stopping by Our New Vista!


  1. This luncheon setting turned out so pretty, and the food looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing at Inspire Me Tuesdays.

    1. Thank you ! - looking forward to a few more lunch visitors before I pack the patriotic away !


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