Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Earring Organization

Love being organized and finding whatever I am looking for quickly.   This was a problem in my jewelry box....especially with earrings!
The lovely oak jewelry case was a gift from my dear husband many years ago...and I love it, and there was the perfect place for it in our new closet - but as I added more costume jewelry I ran out of space for necklaces.  I added the Command hooks you see above to hang and see all my things - one too many trips to Charming Charlie!   The sides of the case open to hold delicate chains and necklaces, but would not accommodate those chunky necklaces.  So, the Command hooks - there are three of them lined up in a row - did the trick.  Now I can see what I have when I am getting dressed and use the items more often.  The lid of the chest opens up and has a small area on one side for any kind of jewelry and a large portion with ring storage.   Ring storage in any kind of jewelry organize always made no sense to me - I don't have that many rings and don't intend to have many.  I wear my engagement and anniversary band every day...have one other ring that I wear on occasion and that is it.  SO...I always had all of my earring ( fine jewelry and costume) tucked in those ring holders.   It did not work....everything was always jumbled - and I should have take a before picture of this, but did not...was too excited to get the whole mess organized.  The ring holders were especially awful for the dangle earrings.   Just could not stay organized.  I checked out many stores to find an organized system, looked on Pinterest, and finally found a few ideas.   Luckily, I had just what I needed in my stash of ribbons and hooks.

I found this roll ribbon in my stash that was enough of an open weave to hold the wires of the earrings.   I found a clear Command hook...and 
folded over the top of a length of the ribbon - then attached the hook to the wall.  Since it is clear it almost disappeared and I hooked the ribbon onto it.

You can't see it here, but I cut the end of the ribbon into a decorative edge...and left it long enough to add more earrings as time goes on.
Then I just took all the dangling earrings and hooked them through the weave of the ribbon. I have been using this for about a week and the earrings are very easy to remove and then return to the ribbon holder.
I took all the little rubber or gold backings and put them in a little box.   
And...here is the finished product!  Now the only earrings resting in the former ring holder are studs or hoops.  The little brown box is where I keep the backs.  That brown box is from Barcelona, Spain...visited there in High School on a Spanish Trip in 1972 and bought Majorca pearl earrings.   Held onto the box all these years and how it is the perfect holder for the backs.   On the other side I keep my Pandora bracelet bangle that I wear almost daily, as well as a gold chain bracelet I wear a lot.   In the Pandora bag I keep my other Pandora items and this bag really keeps away the tarnish so the bracelets always look great.
 The drawers in the rest of the chest hold bracelets, pins, and my watches.  
That's it.... I love the way it looks and the way it works.  The whole process took less than 5 minutes and in the past few days I find myself wearing earrings I forgot I owned.
How do you organize your jewelry - fine and costume?   Do you have a special way to store and display your collection ?  I would love to hear about it - Please leave a comment below...and THANK YOU for visiting today at Our New Vista!


  1. I use command hooks for some of my necklaces, too, right inside my closet door. The ribbon is a brilliant idea. I have my earrings in a jewelry case, but my most used ones are in teacup saucers (the ones left from broken teacups!). I once visited Charming Charlie's when we were on vacation, and yes, there's lots of temptation there!

  2. Hi Deborah...Thanks for the tip ! I just got some more of the clear command hooks and made another row under the necklaces to add some more that were hiding in the side pull out doors. Yes, Charming Charlie is tempting, as well as the clearance section of Kohl's! Trying to wear more of the things I have and when you can see them it is easy to do. Thanks for stopping by - have a great day!

  3. It looks like your jewellery is super organised now, Ann. Some great ideas there.

    Actually, I recently had a huge edit of my jewellery. I’d just kept so many items that I hadn’t worn for over 10 years and was unlikely to ever wear again! On close inspection quite a few pieces had started to tarnish and look tatty, so I got rid of at least half of all I owned.

    It was the best thing I could have done, as since then I’ve been wearing more of my pieces, even though I own less now. They bits I have left look nicer out on display and are easier to choose from.

    I use a mug tree to hold necklaces and bracelets and a folding stand for earrings (as all my earrings are the dangling type).

    Hope are keeping well 😊 Sarah www.livechicandwell.co.uk

  4. Hi Sarah - I love the idea of a mug tree for the bracelets!!! I keep mine in the drawers and the other day I panicked because I could not find an expensive bracelet my husband bought me for our anniversary. It was there...under some others.....so THANK YOU for the idea!!!

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