Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fast and Easy Table for Friends!

One of the great things about living in a retirement community is that friends are always available for a impromptu dinner.  That was the case this week.   We were hungry for a dish called Chicken Santa Fe - a great dish with black beans, corn, salsa.   The recipe is one I had for year and usually made in the slow cooker - but when hosting guests I wanted to make it in a nice 13 x 9 pan that could come to the table for everyone to serve themselves.   As I said, this was a quick dinner party and I did not take photos of the prep or finished product.  You can find the recipe here Santa Fe Baked Chicken.  I don't use the chilies, but along with the sour cream I serve avocado slices and a bowl of corn chips to sop up the salsa or crumble over the entire dish.  I served it with brown rice and a simple Lemon Ice Box Pie for well as Strawberry Margaritas.   We live in an apartment building, so even though it was a rainy, thunderstorm kind of night - no worries.  Everyone was already in the building.   
I had the blue table cloth for years, and recently found the napkins on sale at Kohl's and they seems to fit the menu.  The china is our white wedding china, and also my "good" stainless.  The water goblets and coasters are from Dollar Tree.
Polish potter dishes held the sour cream, avocado, and chips.  I also served a simple salad as a first course and the little red pitcher held the dressing and made the table pop!   But, I was at a loss for a centerpiece.  I looked in my decorating closet and spied this silk magnolia and thought....I have an extra napkin - let's jazz this up!   Everyone commented on the pretty table, we had a great evening of good food and friendship, and it all came together quickly!   Love entertaining....when our guests commented the next day on the good time and "all that work" I laughed and said...that's my hobby.  Loved to "play house" as a little girl and adore doing it now "for real"! 

Thanks for stopping by Our New Vista !   Do you entertain on the spur of the moment ?  What are your favorite recipes or tips ?  Please leave a comment below...and have fun "playing house" !

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  1. Ann, thank you so much for your visit and encouragingly warm comments on my urban dwelling tour. Your description of reasons for downsizing are exactly what we hope to enjoy! This dinner gathering is yet another attraction in our "vertical neighborhood". We've been invited to be welcomed in an upcoming gathering - our first - and hopefully one of many to come. Cheers to living and loving life!


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