Monday, January 18, 2021

Organized Pantry

Organized Pantry 

January is a great time to reflect on the past year - and to get organized for the year ahead.  Since I am at home and still hiding from Covid, I have been enjoying organizing and purging my cupboards and closets.  It is a never ending process.  

Here is the BEFORE pantry....not bad.  I am so glad we chose the pull out shelves when we designed the kitchen, and I tried to keep "like things together" on the labeled shelves.  But things still go messy and I found myself buying items I already it was time for a clean up!

First thing I did was empty out each shelf - then vacuum up any crumbs and wipe down each shelf. And, while I am not one of those people who obey "best by dates" on food items, I did have a few very old things hiding in the back of the pantry that were discarded.

The upper shelves do not have pull 5 feet tall I can only reach the front of the top shelf.   So, using the step stool I put Items that are "extras" on the very top shelf.  I had some bins from Dollar Tree and grouped things together.  All the extra tea bags ( I vowed not to buy ANY more tea until we use what we have!) are in a bin, as well as the colored sugar and toppings for cakes and cookies.  I don't use them often, so that is a good place for them.

The nuts and sesame sticks we use for evening snacks, and my husband can easily reach them...

I also put extra baking supplies up here as well...

And cleaned up the turntable.  Behind the turntable is a stacked shelf that holds extra spices and other little things...

I put everything I could in clear containers...and then labeled them.  I just love my label maker!

Then I turned the shelf risers that I had and put them horizontally at the back of the pull out shelf, then stacked like items together so I no longer will come home from the grocery store with more chick peas than we can eat...

I had two little metal baskets ( again, from Dollar Tree) and they were perfect to hold dried beans.

Did the same on the next shelf and used another metal basket to hold tuna and seasoning packs...

The bottom shelf holds produce, my "good apron", and my mother's "grabber".  I think of her when I use it!

I put a hook on the door for my "everyday apron".   I love wearing an apron...this one I made out of denim over 30 years ago.  It is starting to show wear so I may need to make a new one...for the next 30 years!
Having the pantry organized has really been a big help...I can find things much more easily and see what we need items we need to add to our grocery list.  I still drool over homes with big, walk in pantry areas - but since we downsized this is working out great.  We do have a large laundry room just around the corner that acts as an "over flow" pantry for bigger items.  Watch for a post on that in the future!  
Thank you so much for stopping by Our New Vista today...please leave a comment in the area below and let me know about your pantry organizing ideas.  I would like to learn how you organize, and how you KEEP it organized.  I vow, like always, that I will keep this area neat and organized.  Now...onto my baking drawer....another day of organizing.  Thanks again for stopping by - wishing everyone good health and a vaccine very soon!


  1. I just had to click on this, I am obsessed with tidy cupboards and having labels facing forwards so I knew this would hit the spot for my mild OCD nature. Fantastic work.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. I feel so much better when everything is neat and tidy. LOL...I think OCD should be CDO so the letters are in alphabetical order! Glad you visited - have a great day!

  2. I thought the pantry looked great before you started working on it. It's good to get rid of items that get old. It looks great. I did that with my spices but I think I will need to do more organizing with my cabinet for canned goods, etc.

  3. This looks amazing Ann! I love how with just a few tweaks you really maximized your space and made things even more efficient. I love your holder for boxed items that attaches to your shelf too. That is genius! Hope your week has been a fun one, CoCo


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