Monday, May 31, 2021

Red, White, and Blue!


Red, White, and Blue!

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season and time for the red, white, and blue to come out of storage.  I usually keep the patriotic items up until after the 4th of July.  Have had this wreath for a few years...recently added a few more flowers and the hat that I picked up at Dollar Tree.
Dining room table has a silver charger, some wicker stars from Williams Sonoma, and a candle with red/white/blue crystal filler from Dollar Tree.

The foyer gets a bit of patriotic pride with the red lantern and the pledge...

Thanks to Ann of On Sutton Place for the great printable!

I tied some red/white/blue ribbons to star cookie cutters and spread them throughout the house - and have a few stars and stripes dishes that I use for the season.

The candle on the porch is on a time and sits on a patriotic plate...

I stick flags in plants wherever I can and pull out the flag coasters...

Coffee table gets some festive napkins - display is an old, faded flag twisted around a candle holder and some picks from JoAnn Fabrics.  I found the picks last year at a great sale and knew I would find a place for them this year!

Another plate...and the last of my Boyd's Bears - this one sporting a flag sweater.  I had quite a few stuffed and resin Boyd's Bears that did not make the move when we downsized.  I was amazed at how they did not sell at our moving yard sale...I ended up giving them away to children who came with parents to the sale!

Some more stars scattered around make it feel festive!
Also did a bit of moving art around the apartment.  When we moved in we had the grandfather clock on this wall, but we could not use the chimes because it was too loud and drowned out the television.  We moved the clock to the foyer and put another print in that place, but it was way too small....this Cafe at Arles was in the dining room....
So we moved it and put Starry Night in the dining room and it is much better!  See the hole in the wall ?  Originally each room in the apartment was slated to have a fire alarm, but then the builder decided not to install them, but left the wiring covered by a tan, solid switch plate in case they were needed in the future.  Those shiny plates reflected the light and always bothered

We removed them, painted them with the same, flat paint as the walls...

After they dried we up them back up and now you hardly notice them!

Finally tried Impossible Burgers...since we are not eating beef since my honey's heart attack.

They grilled up really well on our little outdoor George Foreman grill....I added some cheese and toasted the buns...

and they were DELICIOUS!!!  I really could not tell the difference between the impossible and a beef burger.  This will be on our menu many times for the summer!  You can find the recipe for the salad that accompanied our meal here 
Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend! Do you decorate with red/white/blue for the summer months?  Please share your ideas, I would love to see them!  Leave a comment below - I love hearing from you!  Thanks for stopping by Our New Vista!


  1. I love how nice you decorated the apartment with your Americana decorations Ann. We too love the impossible burgers. I hope you have a wonderful week and happy June Ann.

  2. Thanks, Julie - and thanks for the recommendation of the Impossible Burgers!


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