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The Perfect Lamps


The Perfect Lamps

This is a story of finding...and not finding...then finding the perfect lamps for our bedroom.  

When we moved in here ( four years ago in last month...) we knew we needed new, more modern lamps for our nightstands.   While our bedroom furniture is very traditional we did not think of replacing it.   We saw this furniture  - back then we called it a bedroom suite - in the window of Ufberg's Furniture in Shenandoah, PA shortly after we were married.   We were renting a small house ( this is a story for another day) and there was some furniture included in the rental, a kitchen table and chairs , and a bedroom set.   We lived with that bedroom set for about a year and then we saw this furniture in the window.  Love at first sight!  It was a stretch for us financially at the time, but we figured we would have it forever.  And we have. So...when we moved here we found these lamps at Target.  I liked the shape, the color, and almost everything about them...except they were not tall enough.  I sort of solved the problem by putting a faux book under each lamp.  It was ok...but not perfect. We were then on the lookout for new lamps and planned to put these lamps in the guest room when we finally found something we really loved.
It took several years - we would see lamps we liked but they were the wrong style, color, or just were not tall enough.  Until we saw a department store near here called Boscov's.  Sold as a pair...perfect.  But no price on the lamps, no help around to ask - and since Boscov's is known for big sales we decided to wait until there was a sale on lamps. April it is was time for Boscov's 
"Did you Boscov today" promotion.  If you live anywhere near a Boscov's you know this promotion.  In earlier years the idea was you would visit the store at least three times a week, get your Boscov's calendar stamped, and each week you could purchase an item at a very discounted price...and if you visited enough times by the end of the month you received a free gift.   I still use the set of stainless steel bowls from one Boscov season.  In more recent years the gifts and the promotions are not as good, but each day during the month - usually April - there is a day when some department in the store is an extra 20% off of the price.  SO...we checked the ad and on the day the "entire stock of lamps 20% off" we visited the store.   Still no price on the lamps.  Found a salesperson, asked, he jotted down the number and went to check the computer.   No luck.  Checked another register.  No luck.   Went into the stock room and after several minutes came out with a big box containing the lamps and said "I can't sell these to you...they are not in the system".   WHAT ?  Come back in a few weeks and they will be in the system.  So...we noticed the tag on the lamps said they were made by Ashley Furniture and we went to the Ashely store that just opened near us.  They did not have them, but could order them, for 199.00 plus tax and shipping. Yes, a good price, but we know Boscov's has sales...and let's face it - I am a bargain shopper!   We figured we would wait to see how much they would be at Boscov's.   In July we were in Boscov's again...there they were, WITH a price tag, 179.00 - so we decided to wait until we had a coupon - Boscov's often sends their credit card customers a coupon so what the heck, we'd wait.   Then I was reading 
Between Naps On The Porch - a blog I love - and Susan talked about buying lamps on Amazon.  So, last Monday I thought "what the heck" and typed in "tall metal Ashley table lamps"...and BAM!
There they a FABULOUS price!  You can find them here - 
We ordered them on Monday morning....TUESDAY morning they arrived. 
Very well packed...I was worried the shades would be damaged, but everything was perfect.

Everything fit together and was easily removed from the box....

Putting the lamps together was easy...some comments on Amazon said harps were bent or lamps were issues here.

I love them....

I used some of this furniture polish to give the nightstands a good cleaning...

The dark color of the new lamps ties in with this lamp from Bombay Company ( remember that store???) that has moved through our homes to many locations...

Love this furniture ...and it is now 44 years old!

Though the new lamps are very modern they blend well with the furniture...

and with the darker, metal bed!  And they are the perfect height at a FABULOUS price!
The old lamps moved to the guest room...the lamps in there were very old and needed to be replaced.

The headboard in the guest room is the original from our bedroom...we replaced it with a larger, metal framed bed about 20 years ago..

This nightstand is a sewing table that belonged to my mother...the top lifts up to hold spools of thread.  I love using it as a nightstand.
And so ends the tale of our looking for the perfect lamps...NEVER thought we would find them online and at such a great price.   We have been using them for a week and LOVE them!
Have you had to shop for new lamps ?  How was your experience?  I would love to hear from you - please leave a comment below.  
Thank you so much for stopping by Our New Vista!  
Have a fabulous September!


  1. Hi
    Mother would be proud of your “bargain shopping”.

  2. I also recently ordered lamps for our bedroom from Amazon. Got a notification that they had been delivered but they were not. Checked the ring doorbell, no record. Drove through the neighborhood to see if they were in someone else’s porch. No luck. Finally at 10 o’clock that night, a neighbor way up the street messaged me to say they got them. Problem solved. Drove me nuts all day though.

    1. Wow...glad you found them! In our last house lighter packages used to blow off the porch...often found them in the neighbor's shrubs!

  3. What an adventure! I think it's hard to find the perfect lamps. WE used to have a Boscov and I do remember Bombay and Co. I loved them! Your new lamps look so nice in your room and what a deal!

  4. Wow! Ann what a story about the lamps! I bet you are so glad you waited. I would never think to look for them on Amazon. The new lamps look great in the bedroom and I hope you enjoy them.

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