Monday, October 4, 2021

Ready for Halloween!

Ready for Halloween!

Can't believe we have flipped the calendar over and it is October!  I love the fall weather and decorating for Halloween is always fun.  When we downsized to "Our New Vista" 4 years ago we discarded/yard sale sold/donated many item.  Lots of dishes and out door items - but I held onto all of the seasonal decorations for inside.  Each year I try to think "ok, do I need all of this ?  Do I really need 3 totes of Fall decorations, 1 tote of Halloween, and another tote of Thanksgiving items ?"  Yes....I do!  Our storage unit in the underground garage is not overflowing and there is plenty of room for all this "stuff" - so I am holding onto it and enjoying "playing house"!

The ghost wreath is several years old...I made it with a scrap of white fabric, half of a Styrofoam ball, and some ribbon.  I found the little Happy Halloween sign in a gift shop and it adds a nice touch. 

This welcome sign is perfect in the foyer with some scary, glitter spiders from Dollar Tree.

The wine rack gets some decorations with a cork pumpkin that was made by a friend, some old books painted black and decorated with silver letters from Dollar Tree.  The Bat Wing bottle and Spells book are also from Dollar Tree.  The other two bottles are from vanilla and worcestershire sauce.  The color looked good...I have to find some corks for the tops!

This Jack O Lantern - and the ghost - is SO old.  Back in 1977, when  I was first married, I went to a ceramics class and made these.  The Jack O Lantern used to sit in our front window to welcome the Trick or Treaters. 
There is no electrical outlet near where it sits now on our server - between the living and dining areas - so I put a battery operated candle in it and it works great!

A little candy corn filler and friendly ghost cheer up the dining table!

A little Halloween décor on the coffee table and some Halloween napkins for when we have treats.

Added the small Jack O Lantern and the ghost to our mantel....hoping it will scare those Philadelphia Eagles into winning!  So far, no luck.

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE decoration.  My dear Aunt Mamie made this for me when she was in her 90's and started taking ceramics classes.  She made this and asked if I wanted it to light up...she can figure out how to do that.  And she did.  She made several for our family and each year we love to get out "Aunt Mamie's Ghost"!   God rest her soul...she lived to be 97 years old and her memory is a blessing!

Going to finish here with a little pillow I found in a gift shop several years it!   
Do you decorate for Halloween?  Inside or outside?  Both?  Please leave a comment and let me know - I love hearing from you.
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  1. I have fall/Halloween items that mysteriously appear in various locations throughout the house! I call it “good witch magic!”

  2. I love all of your Halloween decorations Ann. Wow, it's wonderful that you have a lot of storage for all of your seasonal decorations. I used to decorate when my daughter was small for Halloween but not anymore. I don't have that much storage for the decorations. :( Thanks for the blog visit and have a nice week Ann.

  3. Your place looks so great with all of your Halloween decorations! I've been downsizing my decorations as well. I do decorate for Halloween but haven't yet. Maybe today's the day! You've inspired me!


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