Sunday, December 19, 2021

Christmastime Is Here!

 Christmastime Is Here!

So, here we are...the week before Christmas and another Covid outbreak is beginning.  Hard to believe this will be the second holiday that we will not be getting together with friends and family. We are not taking any risks and are happy to be together and enjoying our decorations.

This tree is about 15 years old - we purchased it for the home we built at that time.  We downsized and needed a slender tree...and it has held up pretty well.  Some of the lights have gone bad, but I added some pretty candle looking lights. The tree is the perfect size in our apartment now...but the discussion is "do we need a new - or possibly a smaller tree"?   The discussion is on hold since it was hard to find a new tree this year, and we still love this one.  It is not as realistic looking as the trees that are available today.  So, for one more year we are enjoying this tree and all the decorations from over the years.

These little elves were purchased the first year we were they are VINTAGE from 1977!  They are supposed to be stocking holders, but they don't fit the stockings on this new mantel, but they still look cute.

We now hang our stockings on the bookcase...right by the print of Santa Claus and this year, a lovely skater/winter trees Christmas card from our neighbors.

The other elf sits on the opposite side of the mantel.

Just a simple candle and wreath on the coffee table...along with our collection of holiday books...and some seasonal napkins for snacking on cookies!

Eagles snowmen have a place to watch the fun...and I always have a copy of Dicken's Christmas Carol open and ready to read.

This nativity set belonged to John's mother...and we use it every year.  It is quite large so the camels stay on the windowsill.  The baby Jesus does not appear until Christmas Eve, right before we have our traditional Holy Supper - an Eastern European tradition.

I keep a basket with all our Christmas cards and love to read them over and over.  Seems this year we are getting more cards than in the past...people need to connect.  I sent out over 100 cards - and always send Three Kings cards for good luck in the New Year!

Santa Cook watches over the kitchen...the little Santa mug belonged to my mother.

I love the Mary Engelbreit tin...a good thought for this season.  The lamp is a holiday wine bottle from years ago...I have never seen them for sale since.  

Of course the mouse in the clock needs a stocking...

and the foyer displays the certificate from The Read Bedford Falls ( Seneca Falls, NY ) that proclaims the bells rang for my dear husband on his 60th birthday...if you love It's A Wonderful Life be sure to check out the Bedford Falls weekend in NY.

Some poinsettia and a Santa hat at the doorway...

With not a lot of company coming this year I did not pull out all the holiday dishes...just put a few touches and an angel out...

And I like to scatter holiday packages on top of the hutch for a festive look.

The dining room table centerpiece is a footed bowl and plate of the discontinued Pfaltzgraff Christmas Heirloom.  I have service for about 20...and just a few years ago found these two pieces in a Goodwill store.   They make the perfect centerpiece filled with greens and red balls.

I love battery operated candles...all of them are on timers and I love the glow in the evening!

Christmas is a time for I pull out our photos with Santa!

A little bit of greenery brightens up the sink area.

Our Merry Christmas Wreath on the front door is made of Cat's Meow It's A Wonderful Life a bell so and angel can get wings...and a few of Zuzu's petals tucked around 320 Sycamore!

Well...the last batch of cookies came out of the oven today...and we are just about ready to celebrate the holidays.  What are your holiday plans ?  Has the new outbreak of Omicron changed your plans?  Wishing you a wonderful Merry Christmas - please leave a comment below and tell me about your holiday.  Thanks so much for stopping by Our New Vista!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you will not be with family or friends for Christmas this year. Ann, you decorated the house so nice and I love that Christmas tree. I can't believe how old it is! I hope you and your husband have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    1. Thanks, issues with family make us want to stay safe. Wishing you a wonderful holiday !

  2. Your home looks so beautiful. You still have a lot of decorations even after downsizing. The skinny tree is perfect. What a special Nativity set too! I love all of your Bedford Falls decor and mementos (thank you for telling me about Seneca Falls, I've been following them on Facebook ever since). We were supposed to go to the Flyers game tonight but it was postponed..such a bummer. I'm making some cookies and chex mix with my extra time. Things are almost ready over here! I hope you have a lovely holiday!

    1. I think a lot more things are going to be cancelled...sadly. But that won't stop a Merry Christmas - to you and your family !!!


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