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Never Too Much Paris!


Never Too Much Paris!

Paris !  One of our favorite places to visit - the photo above was taken in November of 2018 on our last trip to that wonderful city.  I love having a little bit of Paris in our home.  You can see our Paris themed guest bath in this post We'll Always Have Paris  While there are little touches of Paris all over our home, I have been looking for new bedding for the guest room that is attached to the Paris bath. Did not really NEED new bedding, but we have had this quilt set for several years - 

I like this quilt set...the colors go well in this room and it is a cozy look.  And since Covid we have not had many overnight visitors, so I was just waiting for something to peak my interest. 
A few weeks ago I saw an advertisement on television for a sale on bedding at Macy's.  We don't live near a Macy's with the nearest one being about an hour drive away. I visited Macy's website and found this - 
An 8 piece set at a really good price!  The question was what size to order.  The bed in the guest room is a double bed.  I usually buy a queen comforter or quilt because I like the way it drapes.  But, since this set came with a bed skirt and sheets I decided to go for the double size.  I briefly thought about purchasing two sets as we plan to upgrade this bed to a queen whenever we get around to getting a new mattress for our bedroom.  Still looking at options ( Sleep Number ?  Temperpedic? ) so I decided to just go with the double for now.
This is the first time I ordered anything from Macy's and I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of ordering, the sale prices, the FREE shipping, and the speedy delivery.  
Here is the finished look...and I love it!  I had to wait to get the bed together as my husband could not lift anything for a week after his eye surgery.  I was going to lift the mattress myself - saying I did that before - when he said "yes, that was 25 years ago!"   
When we got the project finished I was thrilled.
I added the animal print pillow I had in the living room because I thought it tied all the colors together.

I already had the Eiffel Tower sheets on the bed and kept them on until I can wash the sheet set that came with the purchase.
I love the way it looks...and the print we have above the bed 
(The Fairy Tale by Walter Firle) looks like little girls in Paris.  We have had that print for many years.  While in college studying to be a librarian one of the courses was Folk Tales and Story Telling.   The professor invited us to her home one evening to tell stories and this print was hanging over her fireplace.  I fell in love with it and my dear husband purchased it for me when we had a home and a place to hang it.
Speaking of hanging prints...I mentioned the card I framed in the Paris bathroom post.  Recently a dear friend sent a note on a lovely Eiffel Tower card.   Sitting on the counter was a framed card we purchased in Nice from a sidewalk artist.  I thought it would be good to clear up some counter space and hang three little pictures together.  Now...I would just eyeball it and hang them.  But my dear husband measures and makes it just right -
Here are his calculations on how far apart the pictures should be, where to put the nails....too much math for me !
But his diligence paid off and I think the arrangement looks great!
So, now the bathroom and bedroom are PARIS!  I love the way it looks and keep peeking into the guest room to look at the change. I do think a larger comforter would look better, but I still really love the way this ties the room together.  
Do you have any themed room in your home?
Do you order oversized comforters or stick with the size of your bed?
Any suggestions on what kind of mattress is best ?
I would love to hear from - please leave a comment below.  
Thank you so much for stopping by Our New Vista - have a fabulous week!


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    1. Thanks, Brenda - and thanks for stopping by !

  2. Oh! I love your new bedding! French is the language I studied in high school/college and we have a daughter who was a French major, now teaching high school French. There will be an opportunity for me to make a quick trip to Paris in May. This post has helped my indecision about that plan!

  3. I love how it turned out and I love Paris. You did well at Macy's! The framed cards look great in the bathroom. I usually eye ball things too but we had to measure and do math for our travel gallery wall. It was a lot of math! Sorry I'm not a mattress expert. We have a Nectar mattress and like it.

    1. Thanks, Heather. I will check out the Nectar mattress. Have a great weekend!

  4. You did a great job with ordering the bedding set from Macy's Ann. I love Macy's and I've ordered different items from the store online too. Your hubby did a great job with the photos on the wall. Good luck with the mattress shopping. I hope you have a nice week Ann.

  5. Thanks, Julie - I plan to shop Macy's online more frequently after this good buy. Have a great weekend !


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