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Healthy Turkey Meatloaf

 Healthy Turkey Meatloaf

Yesterday was cold and blustery....even a few snow flakes flying past our window - so it was a good day for comfort food baking in the oven.  My John loves meatloaf, but we have stopped eating beef  since his cardiologist said he stopped eating beef.  Actually, John stopped eating beef...I will have a steak when we go out to dinner, and we both will eat beef if we are at someone's home and that is what is being served.  But, in general, we are all about fish, chicken, and veggies.   So I was on the hunt for a good turkey meatloaf recipe.  I will admit that I failed the first time I attempted a turkey version.  I just used the "in my head" recipe that I have been using since we were married and just substituted the turkey for the beef.  I used to use oatmeal as the filler...and that meatloaf was a like brick.  RARELY do I throw away food...but that was one occasion.  So, I searched for a good turkey meatloaf recipe online...this is the second time I made this one and we love it.  You can find the entire recipe here - Turkey Meatloaf

I had already printed out the recipe and added it to my recipe binder,
and started by chopping up one cup of onions.  In reading some of the comments on the online recipe I saw that some people added chopped peppers.  Since I had a few mini peppers in the refrigerator I added them in as well.
I think what makes the meatloaf so good is sautéing the oninons and peppers before adding them to the mix.  The recipe calls for butter, but I rarely use butter anymore.  Almost always use Smart Balance - this seems to work great in frying and baking.

Cook the onions and peppers for a few minutes until tender,

add three cloves of garlic.  I added only the equivalent of two cloves.  I love having this minced garlic on hand for recipes.
I used one pound of ground turkey breast...this is very lean.  

And after years of mixing my meatloaf with my hands I am finally using my beloved KitchenAid stand mixer to do the job.

Instead of oatmeal I added panko bread crumbs as filler.  I usually use whole wheat unseasoned, but I could not find the whole wheat last time I shopped, so used the regular panko crumbs.

Recipe calls for one egg, or one egg substitute - since I use Egglands Best eggs that are supposed to be healthy, I use the real egg.

Add 1/4 cup of catsup to the mix,

some Worcestshire Sauce (low sodium version) for some zip.

A little scoop of kosher salt,

some ground pepper, 

and mix well !
In the past, I never made my meatloaf in a loaf pan - I don't know why.  I guess because my mom always just made a loaf and put it in a baking pan.  Remembering that my mom would make a well in the middle of the loaf, crack an egg into the hole, cover it up with meat mixture and bake it...then when she sliced it the middle pieces would have a cooked egg in the center of the slice.  I never cared for it, but it did look pretty!  
I used my Temptations loaf pan.   I mentioned in another post that I found a Temptations bakeware set that is sold on QVC at the QVC outlet near my home.  I really LOVE this bakeware.  You can find it here - Temptations  They have bakeware, dishes, and all kinds of items. I find this bakeware easy to clean - and it keeps food hot or cold longer, and comes with lids and other accessories.
I did spray the pan with non-stick spray -

then pressed the meatloaf mixture into the pan and pressed it down firmly.

Spread the remaining catsup on the top of the meatloaf  and spread it evenly all over the surface.

Pop into a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 50-55 minutes.  I used a digital thermometer to make sure it was at least 165 degrees.
And, here is where my post goes downhill.  I forgot to take a photo of the finished product before I started cutting slices.  The meatloaf came out of the pan so easily...

I served it with a baked sweet potato ( we don't eat white potatoes very much any longer...) and corn.  Also with a side of applesauce.  This is one of John's favorite meals...and he loved it.  The meatloaf was very moist and tender. Me, I did not like the way it looked.  If you closed your eyes while eating it you would not know it was turkey.  But I don't like the next time I think I may add some Gravy Master - that browning liquid - and see if that makes it look a bit better.  This recipe called for 1 and 1/4 pound of turkey, I only had a pound.  But it gave us a nice portion for dinner, another portion in the refrigerator for a planned-over meal this week, and a few slices in the freezer for a meatloaf sandwich, too.
Have you made turkey meatloaf ?  Do you have a favorite recipe or tip you can share?  I would love to hear from you - please leave a comment below!  And thank you so much for stopping by Our New Vista. Even though this week does not feel much like Spring in my neck of the woods ( cold, windy, I had to bring my pansies in from the screen terrace because I thought it was too cold even for those hardy flowers!) I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Spring week wherever you are! And please, keep the people of Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers as they fight for freedom.  


  1. Your turkey meatloaf recipe sounds so good Ann. This is the perfect comfort meal with this crazy cold weather we're having. I use a recipe like this but we like to use beef. I sometimes will use a mixture of pork/beef/veal. I will have to give this meatloaf version a try. Enjoy the week Ann.

    1. Thanks, Julie....yes, that is how my mom would make it with pork/beef/veal. So good. Have a great week !

  2. How interesting! I just made turkey meatloaf and also served baked sweet potatoes with it! I just used my usual meatloaf recipe except I added additional herbs to give it a little more flavor. Our son-in-law joined us for dinner; therefore, we didn’t have as much leftover as we would have had. Hoping all goes well with your week. Perhaps I’ll come up with a blog post. I’m really far behind there.

  3. Hi Nellie - Miss your posts! Yes, I think my "old" recipe would have worked if I used a ground turkey mix instead of the ground breast. I think that is what made my first attempt fail. Hope you are having a good week !

  4. I used to make turkey meatloaf often (but now I'm a veggie) and I made it very similarly to your recipe. I added lots of seasonings and dijon mustard to mine too. I loved cold meatloaf in sandwiches, it always tasted better the next day. Enough of this cold weather, right?!

    1. You said it, Heather. I am ready for shorts and tee shirts! Good for you being a veggie....we are slowly moving in that directions!

  5. Your meatloaf looks good and sounds good. I've never heard of putting an egg in the center and then cooking it. Thank you so much for coming to see me and I do hope you'll come back sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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