Sunday, November 13, 2022

Cozy November


Cozy November

November has been a very warm month here in our part of Pennsylvania.  I enjoy bringing out all the Thanksgiving themed decorations and closing down our screen porch for the winter. The warmer weather made me think we could still use the porch, but today the weather changed and we are going to be getting November weather.  I am ready...for fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, soup and stews for supper, and all things cozy!

I love the memories that the decorations for each season bring back.  The turkey was made by my dear Aunt Mamie ( of the Halloween ghost fame - she really enjoyed ceramics in her 90's!)

The cornucopia belonged to John's mother.  When it came into my possession it was painted a funny purple shade. It came with two matching candle sticks that were chipped and cracked, so they were discarded.  I used some dark brown paint to cover the purple and we have been enjoying it each November every year.
Simple things add a cozy touch...the Be Thankful pillow, a nice thrown, and I filled the candle vase with Fall colored filler balls from Dollar Tree.

The wine rack holds a pumpkin plate and a Pilgrim that was a gift from a teacher friend many years ago.

Some leaves, a little turkey, and of course the Eagles mug fill in the kitchen corner.

A very simple centerpiece....more of the filler from Dollar Tree, the mirror bas ( also from Dollar Tree ), and another little turkey.

I have to learn how to take a better photo of the "china closet" as we call it.  I just added some touches of Fall leaf plates and cups, and a turkey tureen that I found in a thrift shop.
Here is our table for a dinner with friends this past weekend.  I used the placemats I purchased at our community thrift sale, napkins from Kohls, napkin rings from Dollar Tree, our "wedding china" on top of leaf motif chargers from Ross, our "good silverware", and crystal wine and water goblets that were a gift.
Our church had a Saturday Night Mass that featured the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.  Every so often our wonderful contemporary music director gets a band together and our clergy works together to make a service that matches the music to the liturgy.   We have enjoyed services with music from the Beatles, John Denver, Leonard Cohen, Queen, Les Mis, Phantom, and more.  This worked around the theme of LOVE....and the band really did a great job.  "Love is coming to us all...."
My dear friend, old friend ( we met when we ended up in the same homeroom in 1971! - then went on to be college roommates and life long friends) came to attend the Mass.  
We came back to our home for dinner and I made an Autumn Apple Pie.
I did not make my own crust...used the Aldi pre-made pie crusts and they were great.

Used Aldi brand baking spray on the pie plate.

Put the dough in the pie plate...

Peeled 6 pretty big McIntosh apples...

Cored the apples and sliced them as thin as I could.

Mixed the apples with 2 Tablespoons of flour, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, some nutmeg, a dash of lemon juice..

Mixed all that together and put in the pie plate - I should have brushed the bottom with egg white to prevent soggy was not too bad, but I have to remember that.

Dotted the top of the apples with some Smart Balance margarine,
Then, because I don't think you can have TOO much cinnamon, I added some more on top!

Used my little oak leaf cutter to make some vents.

Brushed everything with some half and half and then sprinkled some natural sugar on top.

Baked the pie at 375 degrees for about 40- 45 minutes...

And it turned out great!!!   We enjoyed it with some vanilla ice cream and lots of good conversation.
Do you decorate for Thanksgiving ?  Are you fan of apple pie?
Please let me know in the comments below.  I love hearing from you all - and hope you have a great week.  Here comes November weather...stay warm and cozy!


  1. Ann, Yes, the weather has changed drastically Sunday. I don't think I'm ready for the super cold weather yet. LOL. I like your Thanksgiving decorations, especially the ceramic turkey and the cornucopia. It's so nice to entertain friends and the table looked so pretty. The apple pie looks great and I bet it tasted delicious with ice cream. Thanks for the apple pie recipe. I only have a few decorations for Thanksgiving that I put out when I am entertaining.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Julie ! Hope you have a great week...and fun getting ready for Thanksgiving :-)


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