Monday, January 23, 2023

January Jumble

January Jumble

It is finally snowing here in my neck of the woods and I realize January is more than halfway over.   Here is a jumble of things that have been happening here at Our New Vista.

We drove a friend to the Philadelphia earlier in the month and stopped by The Container Store at King of Prussia.   I always enjoy finding something new at this store...and I think if I lived any closer I would be there all the time.
Here are some of the items I found on this trip...
These cable ties are useful all around the house.

I picked up some new travel containers since I always seem to lose ours!

I loved the look of this clear sink cushion, but when I got it home it did not line up with the drain in my double sink.   But, it does look great in the laundry room sink.

And this Vlogging Tripod was on the 75% off maybe I will try a vlog in the future !!!
We did not buy much else in the King of Prussia Mall...we usually just walk around and look.  But, this candle was 50% off and it is the perfect January scent...fresh and clean.
The next day was our 46th wedding anniversary !

After church we went to a restaurant in downtown Lancaster called The Imperial.   We had a lovely brunch...
and I had a great Bloody Mary!
A larger purchase I made was this Bissell steamer.  I had a steamer that was about 10 years old and it was not really working well.  Saw this one on HSN on a special and decided to try it out.

When my neighbors saw me bringing it in they wanted to know if I was getting a pet, too? NO!   

I like that this model lets you refill the tank while it is running...and it has two levels of I used the higher steam on the tile in bathroom on the floor and in the walk in shower.  Not shown here, but the mop part comes off with a tug and there are bristles and a steamer end, so you can really get into the grout.  It did an amazing job in the bathroom...the tile is so clean and there is no sticky residue.  I used the lower steam on the hardwood floors and ....

UGH !!!   I sweep every night after dinner and had cleaned the floor the week before with a damp mop, but this really got the floor clean...and looking wonderful!  The steamer came with two with more bristles that I used in the bathroom, and this one that is softer on the hardwood.  It also comes with an attachment to clean and refresh your carpets....and a little compartment where you can insert a "scent disk"...which made the whole place not only look clean, but smell wonderful.   Glad I bought this !
Do you have a steamer ?  Do you use it often ?  Let me know in the comments below. 
Thank you so much for stopping by Our New Vista...I love hearing from you!  Enjoy your day !


  1. Ann, I like all of the items you bought while shopping at the mall. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. The steamer looks great and glad it got everything so clean.

    1. Thanks, Julie - I almost did not show that dirty mop...gross. But so glad I got the steamer. Hope you have a great week !


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