Monday, June 12, 2023

Monday Musings


Monday Musings

Happy Monday - Hope everyone had a great weekend! Right now it is a gloomy Monday morning and I am hoping for a good rainstorm here in Lancaster.  We have been so dry and the grass and trees are longing for a drink.  Come on, rain - let it pour!

The photo above is a placemat from Dollar Tree.  I have been looking for a way to make our refrigerator easy to clan when spills and sticky stuff happens and I think I found an inexpensive and easy way to do it.

I bought 5 of these placemats and had to trim one of them - 

It was easy to trim with kitchen shears and the design made it easy to cut a straight line.

After removing everything and cleaning the shelves I just placed these vinyl place mats down...I overlapped the ones on the top shelf.

I like the way it looks when you open the refrigerator...and I did have a spill from the iced tea pitcher being over filled...and it was easy to wipe up.   When it is time to clean the refrigerator again I can just take these mats out and wash them in the sink.  I think it will be better than reaching into the the refrigerator.

Also did a little shopping last week...had some Kohl's cash that was due to expire and wandered around until I found this necklace -
This necklace was $36 regular price, reduced to $12, then 50% off of that...

then I found these corduroy pants...

I thought the color would be good for fall.  The original price was $40, reduced to $6...then 50% off - so I walked out with both items and my total was $0.00!!!
Could not beat that!

On to the Talbots Outlet at Tanger Outlets near me...I find the salespeople in the Talbots Outlet to be so friendly and helpful.  And, I had a $20. coupon from Talbots, so this top followed me home.  I have several bottoms that this will work with.   I really DO NOT NEED anymore clothes....but at these good prices my mom would say "it would be a sin to leave it there."  

Picked up this white bedset from Kohl's a few weeks ago and waited until June to switch out from our darker bed decor...

My husband was the one who saw this and said "let's get that for our bedroom" - 

I found the big white/off white pillow in the center at Costco...and then when picking up some things at Walmart my honey spied these red pillows and they were a bargain at $4.99 each. 

I like the "pop of color" against the white...and it pulls out the burgundy tone of the chair and the matting on the painting above the bed.  That painting was made by a dear friend as a wedding gift...

Last stop on the shopping trip was Boscov's - do you have a Boscov's near you?  They began in Reading, PA many years ago.  I did not need these purses...but they are a great size and were marked $50. but sold for $19.99.  I wore the green one out to a concert on Saturday night and got lots of compliments on the "pop of color!"

Also did some baking over the weekend...I love to make these blueberry muffins and will often make a double batch of 48 and store them in my freezer to have on hand.

I noticed on the print out of the recipe that I had first tried them 20 years ago !!!  And I realize I never shared the recipe on this blog.  Next time I make them I will take some photos and note the changes I made to the original recipe to make them a bit more healthy!
Well, it looks like the rain has begun - hope it keeps up and goes all day.  Good day to have a cuppa tea and read a good book.
Have you found any good bargains lately?  Or any good tips to make cleaning your refrigerator easy?  Please let me know and post a comment below.  I love hearing from you !
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  1. What a great idea to use the placemats in the fridge! Love that. Thanks for the suggestion. And you got some great buys!

    1. Thanks for commenting...they are working great!

    2. I bought some that day! So far, they are working out great. It occurred to me they would probably be better than shelf paper, in cabinets. I'll do that next time I need to change the shelf paper. Such an inspired idea. Thanks again!

  2. Love the placemats to use on the fridge. Good idea! You are a great shopper!! Love your deals👍

    1. Awww...thanks. Taught by my mom...the best shopper!

  3. I love your idea for the place mats. I just finished wiping my refrigerator shelves today while waiting on dinner. I intend to borrow your idea - possibly tomorrow. I'll be checking out my Dollar Tree on the other side of your state.

  4. Ann, I love the idea of using placemats on the refrigerator shelves. I will have to pick some up at DT. I love visiting Tanger outlets too. Talbots has some nice clothes. I love the handbags and the bedspread. I did a small shopping haul at Old Navy. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Julie. Would love to see what you got at Old Navy ! Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

  5. You found some great buys. That purse is such a good size! Those muffins look yummy! We needed the rain so badly and we've finally gotten some. I do have a Boscovs near us but haven't been in awhile. The white bed set looks so fresh. I bought those same placemats for our old fridge and even did a post on it a long time ago. I use them in my drawers now.

  6. Wonderful buys, The vinyl placemats are a great look and easy to clean. No Boscovs near us, however I have shopped online.


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