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Theater Time


Theater Time !

We love living in Lancaster, PA for many reasons - but one of the best is The Fulton Theatre.  We have been enjoying shows at this theater for many years - we used to have a bit of a drive, but now that we live here we are just a few minutes away from Broadway quality entertainment.  We went to New York City on our honeymoon - 46 years ago! - and over the years we have been returning and enjoying many Broadway shows, so we know that the quality of the performances at The Fulton are top notch.  
Recently The Fulton held a one night only benefit concert and gala featuring the musical Ragtime - one of our favorite shows.
"On The Wheels of A Dream" was held in July and we were thrilled to be there and support this wonderful venue.
If you are not familiar with the show, here is a synopsis - 
Based on the novel of the same name by E.L. Doctrow, Ahren’s and Flaherty’s Ragtime is a compelling epic capturing the American experience at the turn of the 20th century. Tracking three diverse families in pursuit of the American dream in the volatile “melting pot” of turn-of-the-century New York, Ragtime confronts the dialectic contradictions inherent in American reality: experiences of wealth and poverty, freedom and prejudice, hope and despair. Over the course of the show, the worlds of a wealthy white couple, a Jewish immigrant father and his motherless daughter, and an African American ragtime musician intertwine. Together, they discover the surprising interconnections of the human heart, the limitations of justice and the unsettling consequences when dreams are permanently deferred. Featuring many of the historical figures that built and shaped turn-of-the-century America, including J.P. Morgan, Emma Goldman, Harry Houdini, Evelyn Nesbit and Henry Ford, this musical sweeps across the diversity of the American experience to create a stirring epic that captures the beats of the American experience: the marches, the cakewalks and - of course, the ragtime.

One of the features in the show is Model T Ford - 

A beautiful car was parked outside of the theater and everyone was invited to get a photo!  Then we entered, were given a glass of champagne, and took our seats for the concert.   We have seen the show twice and this was not a full production - it featured a cast of 60 performers and 20 musicians that presented the entire show in a concert form.  Just as moving as the full performance, it had us in tears and amazed at the performers ( many Broadway singers) and the wonder of the story.

After the concert we moved to the gala of dinner and dancing.  We had the choice o The Ballroom or The Speakeasy - two different set ups in the beautifully restored historic theater.  We chose the Ballroom!

The beautiful lobby was transformed into the Speakeasy - and the flowers and table settings were so beautiful!

This is the view from above as we made our way to the Ballroom.

This setting was just as impressive as the Speakeasy - we were directed to our table and our place setting was a glass engraved with "On the wheels of a dream" and a yellow rose.

This was a smaller, more intimate setting - with soft jazz playing in the background...
and I was thrilled to see one of my former colleagues from school  - he is the music teacher, I was the librarian - was providing the music!

Here is the menu from the evening...and I did not take photos of the beautifully presented meal - and wines - as I was too engaged in conversation.  This was the first time we attended an event where my husband and I were not seated with each other...but across the table from each other.  We got to meet new people and have a wonderful evening celebrating and supporting this wonderful theater.
One week later we were back - for Grease !

The show was great - and the Fulton does a photo op area where you can snap some shots.   Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader!
The show was amazing and the dancing and voices were terrific.  We also enjoyed a dinner in downtown Lancaster before the show.  
First time for a place called Shot and Bottle - all local spirits and locally grown food.

I enjoyed a drink called "Bohemian Raspberry" - 

John enjoyed a local brew, we had great salads with shrimp, and a peach upside down cake to share !
That is it for the Fulton Season this year - we just received our season tickets for the shows starting in September.  Here is the link to read more about The Fulton and see the shows for the coming season 

The Fulton Opera House, also known as the Fulton Theatre or simply The Fulton, is a League of Regional Theatres class B regional theater located in historic downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is reportedly the oldest working theatre in the United States. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964.
If you are visiting Lancaster, PA it is not to be missed!
Do you have local theater near you ?  Are you a Broadway fan?
Would love to hear your thoughts - and am always thrilled when you leave a comment below!
Last day of July - here comes August!  Make it a great month - and thanks for stopping by Our New Vista!


  1. Ann, how fun to go to see those two shows. It's so nice that you have that theatre so close to you. I love going to Broadway shows once a year for my birthday. I hope you enjoy the month of August!

    1. Thanks, Julie - stay cool and enjoy the rest of summer!

  2. That sounds like an amazing theatre! I love how they make it an experience with food and drinks and all of the theming! I never get tired of Grease! You guys have so much fun together!


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