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New Pan, New Recipe


New Pan - New Recipe

Life is back to normal after the dishwasher leak and the loud machines from Serv-Pro drying out our kitchen floor.  The good news is that the flooring people found some of our floor in their warehouse and we are going to try replacing just the boards that are rough or lifted.  The floor does look a lot better now that it is dried out, but it feels rough.  When I finally got to mop up after all the machines were removed I could feel the microfiber mop catching on some of the uneven places.  So...we are waiting to see if the new floor will match and we can avoid replacing the entire floor in the apartment. about a "first world problem" when there are so many other terrible things going on in the world.  Such a little thing in the scheme of things. 
It is great to have the kitchen back - and try a new recipe with my new pan.  I never had a cast iron skillet - always would look at them in the stores and then never got around to buying one, even though I love to cook.  While watching HSN the pan above was advertised at a great price and with some great features. Here is the product description that had me ready to order - 

PFAS-, PTFE-, PFOS- and PFOA-free diamond-infused ceramic nonstick coating.
Can withstand high temperatures up to 840 degrees F.
High abrasion resistance: 2.75 times stronger than a 2-layer ceramic coating.
This was a Today's Special at a great price so I decided to order it.  I chose the pan in the black color as I thought it would hold up better and not get as messy looking.  I love that it has  a "helper handle" and came with the silicone pads that I can use with my other pans.  
Once the kitchen was open for business I wanted to try a new recipe with the new pan.
I saw a great salmon recipe on Instagram but wanted to make it for I found this recipe on YouTube - 
Salmon in Creamy Boursin Sauce
Ingredients: 2 salmon fillet 75g Boursin Cheese 2 shallots, chopped 3 cloves garlic, minced a handful of fresh chopped spinach 250ml milk 1 tbsp butter 1 tbsp olive oil salt & pepper to taste 1. Season the salmon fillet with salt & pepper. 2. Heat the pan with olive oil and butter on medium low heat. 3. Sear the fillets on both sides for 3 minutes or longer, depending on the size of fillets. 4. Set aside and Saute' shallots and garlic until translucent and fragrant. 5. Add Boursin Cheese, and flour. 6. Stir to combine. 7. Add Milk and stir until it thickens 8. Add Spinach. It will only takes a minute for the spinach to wilt or cook. 9. Put the salmon fillets back on the pan. 10, Give those fillets a little bath with the Boursin cheese sauce that you just made, serve and Enjoy!

I started with one large piece of salmon that I sliced into two pieces.

This recipe sounded like it would be good over pasta so I started the water for some whole wheat Fusilli

The box said boil for about 13-16 minutes so everything should be ready at the same time.

The pan heated up quickly...

and did a great job browning the salmon...about 4 minutes on each side.
When the salmon was finished I added the onions and garlic to the pan and cooked until they were golden...

I used ready made minced garlic...
I did not have shallots so I used onions...and chopped them in this little mini chopper ( also purchased on HSN ) that works great for a small amount of onions.

I had the cheese on hand...

When the salmon was finished browning I put the pieces in a low oven to keep warm...

I used only half of the cheese...

Add the cheese and stir till melted, add a little flour and mix well, then add the milk...

Once everything was melted and blended I added a handful of spinach that I had in the freezer...

Then put the salmon back in the pan, let it warm through, spooned some of the sauce over the salmon...

then placed the salmon on the pasta and spooned the sauce over.

It turned out GREAT!   We loved it...and will make it again.  I also think it would be good with a chicken breast.
SO glad I purchased this was super easy to clean up and nothing stuck to the pan.  
Do you do a lot of cooking in a cast iron pan?
Any favorite recipes?
Please leave a comment below - I love hearing from you!
Enjoy the rest of February!


  1. Looks delicious. I have never used the Boursin cheese before.

  2. Oh wow, love salmon and never thought to add Boursin cheese,
    I visited you via Metamorphosis Monday Installing A New Bluebird House For My Backyard Bluebirds
    My links: Homemade Tikka Paste with Grilled Chicken and Grilled Chicken Souvlaki Skewers With Flatbread. We will be so happy if you share your blog links with us at SeniorSalonPitStop. Link under BLOGGING

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  5. I am totally impressed! Not only do you have this amazing skillet, but you also have a mini onion chopper. Happy to see you use the pre- chopped garlic in a jar. What? No garlic press?

    1. Thanks, Miss Hetty - No garlic press. I work smarter, not harder! Thanks for stopping by !

  6. Ann, that is great new about your floor situation and getting your kitchen back. The new pan sounds so nice. I love cooking salmon for dinner for my family. I will have to try out your recipe and it sounds great with the pasta.

  7. Thanks, Julie...used the pan again tonight for stir fry and I could get it really hot, which worked well. Have a good week !


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