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Small Changes/Big Impact


Small Changes/Big Impacts

Last week in April already...looking forward to May, warmer weather, and travel.
I made a few small changes - upgrades - recently and am very pleased with how things worked out.
First off - new phone!
We have been Tracfone users for the last several years.  I always used Tracfone as I had little or no reception in the school library where I worked so I could not justify having a data plan.  And Tracfone worked better in some spots at school than my previous service provider.  When my husband retired and stopped needing an iPhone for work we sold his iPhone and he started using Tracfone.  It works perfectly for us.
We buy our Android ( Samsung ) phones from either QVC or HSN...usually when they are on a special sale.  The price varies, but usually around $100 dollars for the phone, 1500 minutes of talk, 1500 texts, and 1.5 gig of data for 365 days.
That is IT!  No monthly fee!
That is plenty for us...and when we renew at the end of a year, all of our unused texts, minutes, and data rolls over.  We have more than enough to do whatever we want.  We are usually on wifi somewhere so the data adds up and lasts, not having children we don't get very many phone calls, and the texts last a long time - longer for my husband.  I often add more texts ( $5.00 ) as group texts with friends add up.  We do everything that people with a plan from another carrier can do.
It costs $125.00 to renew at the end of 365 days and get another bundle of texts, calls, and rollover what you did not use.  We do this each year, unless we decide to upgrade our phones - which makes it even more of a bargain.
I just upgraded my phone to the next level - A Samsung a15 5g with a lot more storage and a better screen. I kept my phone number, and transferring the number to the new phone was super easy.
Then, using an app called SmartSwitch...all of my apps, contacts, info are transferred to my new phone...wirelessly!  This amazes me!
After a bit my phone is ready to use.
And that is it!
I do have to enter some passwords for some apps, but that is not an issue.  And my old phone...I use it to listen to music in the bath or on the screen porch.  Any old phones we have are also donated to a local funeral home( after I return them to factory settings) who recycles them to get gift cards for our troops.  It's a win-win and works for us.
Thought I would share this information with you if you are not a big cell phone user and looking to cut that monthly bill.

You might remember the bathroom refresh we did in 2020 - 
We switched out the counter tops to granite and are so glad we did!  But the bathroom still needed something...
We really wanted to add a frame around the mirror - we like the big mirror, but wanted it to look more finished.
I ordered samples from the places you see on Facebook - FrameMyMirror and such - but nothing looked like what I wanted.  I wanted the frame to be the same molding that was around the doorways to the bathroom.
A few weeks ago we had to have an adjustment to the kitchen cabinet near our dishwasher...after our dishwasher flooded and we had the floor repaired.  We live in a retirement community and the Renovation workers were doing that when I asked "hey, can you guys make a mirror frame out of molding for our bathroom?"
The answer was yes !
Here is the before - 
The workers did a very thorough job measuring and figuring out how to attach the new frame...

They added some wood strips to the top of the mirror to make sure it would be flush...

And we LOVE it !

It really finishes the bathroom and we love the way it looks!  And...that is just the primer - waiting for the painter to come and paint the final coat.
This was a very reasonable cost - much less than the FrameMyMirror cost - which would also include us doing the work.

It always amazes me how little changes can make such a big difference!
What changes have you done recently ?  I would love to hear - please leave a comment below - it makes my day to hear from you.
Hope you have a great week - and get ready for a wonderful month of May!


  1. Yay on the new phones. The bathroom looks great.. adding the white frames to the mirror makes such a difference.

  2. So smart on your phones but am afraid we use our phones wayyyy to much for that type. Our kids use text as the main way of communicating and so do many of our friends, even at our older age. :o)) It is really ridiculous the $$$ our society spends on tech gadgets, cable and internet. Who would have ever dreamed! And, yes, framing a mirror makes such a nice difference.

  3. That is awesome that you got the upgrade with your phone. I love the framing of your bathroom mirror. I'm happy that we are at the end of April and looking forward warmer temps in May.

  4. I have never heard of Tracfone before; I'm pretty sure with three teens (well, technically 2 teens and a 20 year old now) that would never work for us but it's something to keep in mind for the future. Your mirror looks so good framed off like that!

  5. I love the mirror upgrade! That is wonderful.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. It's nice upgrading to a newer phone but it always takes me a minute to get used to it. I like to hold onto old technology as long as possible ...haha! That frame made a huge difference in your bathroom. I love how it finishes off the mirror so nicely. That was smart to ask your renovation team if they could do it. We are doing a lot of changes around here but we just moved in so we need to. Currently we're renovating the bathrooms and I'm so excited to see them come together. We're in the demo phase so that's not much fun but hoping to move into the next phases this week.


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