Monday, October 9, 2017

October Fun!

October is here...and Halloween decorations have moved out of the storage unit and into our new space. This ghostly wreath made it through the move with just some steaming of the ribbon to perk it up.

I think each holiday is going to be fun and I am looking forward to finding new places for all my favorite decorations....and will probably be sending some to a new home as we just don't have the space we used to have to decorate.  After 10 years in our last home I knew where everything went each I find myself wandering around looking for new spots to decorate.

These books were old, discarded books from the library.  I sprayed them with black paint and then used silver stick on letters.  They would not fit on the new mantel so they found a home in the foyer.
Little wooden ghost in a dish of mini pumpkins...

Little ghosts hiding everywhere...I made these in a ceramics glass 40 years ago...the first year we were married!
The same thing with this Jack-O-Lantern...not bad for 40 years old and surviving many moves!
Love this pillow...
"The witch is in"...and she needs a drink!
Great day with my college friends - "The Kutztown Girls" - who came for lunch. Quiche, salad, pumpkin muffins and a little treat to take home.  Fabulous day !


  1. Ann you are an exquisite hostess 🍾 Thank you for s wonderful day 😘


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