Monday, December 7, 2020

Tea Time Treat

Tea Time Treat

When life gives you too many bananas....make banana muffins.   I love to make and share muffins.  I use the same recipe for most of my muffins.  It comes from a recipe booklet I use from Gold Medal Flour.  

The copyright on this booklet is 1983 - so I have been making this recipe for quite some time.   Once, in a move, I lost this booklet...called God Medal and described it and they sent me another.  I then copied the recipe several time and saved it to make sure I am never without my muffins!
Here is the link to the basic recipe...

I like to make some for neighbors as a treat.  With everyone staying home and being very socially distanced it is nice to drop off a treat to brighten someone's day!

I like this recipe because it makes about 2 dozen muffins...more to share!
I not only added walnuts to the mixture, but sprinkled some walnuts and sugar on top before baking.
Once the muffins are cool it is time to pack them up for gifting.
I like to shop at the Dollar Tree and have bags, seasonal napkins, and ribbon on hand.  A local store sells Twinings Tea Bags at a bargain price, so I stock up on those as well.
Wrap the muffins in wax paper to prevent staining the gift bag and put a tag on it so everyone knows what the muffins contain.

I found some printable tags online that read " So very thankful for YOU!" and used a glue stick to them onto the bag, then tied it with a bit of raffia. I dropped these off at the front door of neighbors here in my apartment building. I did this the morning of Thanksgiving so there would be a treat to enjoy while watching the Macy's Parade!   Depending on the season, you can use ribbon, too. 
This idea can be used for every holiday, occasion, or "just because"!  It's a random act of kindness  - just a little one - but the world needs all the kindness it can get today!

Do you like to share your baking ?  Please let me know in the comments below - and thank you for stopping by Our New Vista today!  Enjoy your day and spread kindness...and muffins!



  1. This is a marvelous idea! Yes, I sometimes share my baking; working on a little of that currently. I’ve been a fan of Gold Medal for many years, though I’ve never seen this booklet. The recipes they print on the outside of their bags of flour are worth keeping! Sending best wishes of the season to you!

    1. Thank you, Nellie - Enjoy your baking and the magic of the season!

  2. I love muffins with a cup of coffee or tea. What a great idea to bake and give out to friends and neighbors Ann.


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