Monday, March 22, 2021

Spring Into Easter

 Spring Into Easter

The weather has been beautiful here in PA and it is time to Spring into Easter!  I waited until the day after St. Patrick's Day to take down my Shamrock wreath - and bring out the bunny.  A simple grapevine wreath, bunny, eggs, and tulips all from Dollar Tree. Now that we are in an apartment I love that my wreaths do not fade...our last house got sun all day and often I had to replace items/ribbons on the wreaths.

Once you enter another bunny, some tulips, and eggs welcome you...

On the wall near the coat closet I placed a birdhouse and one of these little bunnies.  You will see them all over my home...I found them several years ago at Dollar Tree and I am sorry I did not purchase more of them.  They are SO cute!

A bright green umbrella holds more tulips...

Dining table gets more tulips ( have to laugh...I found these potted tulips at Bath and Bodyworks many years ago...they were selling the spring display items and I got them of $1.00 each.  They come out of storage and fluff up beautifully each year...

Another view...with a nest of eggs and yellow chick salt and pepper shakers...

This little bunny is observing the scene...

The little bunny plate was found at our community "Cash and Carry" tag of many things I stuck into a bag on Dollar Bag Day!

Some eggs and another chick liven up the kitchen plant...

The new greenery hanging from the cabinet is a recent Ikea purchase.   The caulking was cracking where the cabinet meets the wall ( it has been very dry here even with a humidifier running) and this little plant makes it look so much better.

Here is another one of those bunnies...SO cute!

I used to place this plate in the window over my kitchen it stays near the windows in the living area to catch the light.

For the past few weeks I had only sticks and pussy willows in this vase...added the forsythia for Spring...

And more to the mantel...along with a bunny and some more of those potted tulips.
Always love putting out the Ukrainian Easter Eggs ( Pysanky) that belonged to my mother-in-law. These are made of wood  - which I love - because they have been with us since our marriage and survived many moves in 44 years!
I always like to have napkins out for the season...

The weather has been so nice that I could not resist getting some pansies for the is still a little too cool to sit out there and I have not given the porch a good "Spring Cleaning"...but I love when I glance out to see the smiling faces of the flowers.

The little bunny pedestal was a find in the Target Dollar Zone for only $3.00

And changed the notepad by the phone to reflect the well as the carrot/bunny pen!
Another view of the kitchen with the bunny pedestal, a bunny cookie cutter, and another one of those little bunnies!

Do you decorate for Easter ?  Or Spring ?  How long do you keep the decorations out?  These will stay out until the end of April...then I will start with May lilacs and morph into Memorial Day patriotic items.   Do you change decor with the seasons?  Let me know what you do - please leave a comment.  I love to hear from you!  Thanks so much for stopping by Our New Vista!


  1. You are certainly ready for Easter! I will leave our Easter things out all during April, most likely. I seem to have items on hand for all the seasons, and the decor does change. Our house faces the afternoon sun, and anything I have on the door will fade. That sun is powerful! Happy Easter to you!

  2. You have such pretty Easter decorations out Ann. I love flowers, bunnies, and eggs. I usually will put out a few bunnies and eggs too. Hope you have a nice week and enjoy this spring weather Ann.

  3. Hi Ann. Thanks for stopping over! I'd love to reply to your comment via email but it was not included with your comment. You have such lovely Easter decorations! I put mine up right after ST. Patty's Day and I took them down yesterday. I do like a little breather in between holiday/seasons. I am trying to reduce my decorations so I've been editing them as well.

    1. Thanks, Heather - I will put my email in the message!

  4. I especially love your Ukrainian egg collection. What a special collection!


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