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We'll Always Have Paris


We'll Always Have Paris

Paris!  I love it.   I love novels set in Paris, movies about Paris, and Paris!  I have been blessed to visit the City of Light several times.   My husband John and I love to travel, and Paris is one of our favorite cities.  My first visit was in high school...and was just a taste for a short time that left me wanting more.  On a school trip from my high school, we had only two days in Paris - one day was taken up with a change of hotels and medical issues of my friend, the second was "May Day" and we were urged not to leave our hotel because of demonstrations.  The only thing I really remember was a visit to the Louvre - and the desire to return.   John and I returned for our 25th Anniversary, and favorite visit.  When I turned 50 I did not want a big party...I wanted to turn 50 on the Eiffel Tower.  My wonderful husband flew me to Paris for the weekend...March in Paris...snow, cold, magic.   Such a special trip.  Then a visit for a week in April a few years later, then a few days in the city before or after a river cruise.  Always something new to see...always magical.  
SO....when building a home a few years ago, we toured a model home that had a Paris shower curtain in one of the bathrooms.  I loved it...tracked it down on Ebay, and purchased it for the guest bath of the home we were building.

It picture a Paris street scene of shops and restaurants...and we started calling that guest bath "Paris".  As in "do we have anymore toothpaste? Yes, check in Paris!"  Over the years I slowly accumulated items that made that bathroom more Parisian.  When we downsized a few years ago and moved to a wonderful apartment in a senior living community I thought maybe I should get rid of the shower curtain and go in a different direction.  I could not give up Paris!  I am still adding items with a French/Paris theme...and I know we will always have Paris!
This print of the Eiffel Tower was a piece of wrapping paper I held on to for years.  The current guest bath is much larger than our old one and I was able to find a frame and place it over the toilet.
A smaller print of the Moulin Rouge hangs over the towel rack and I found a guest towel that mimics the scene on the shower curtain.

Since the bathroom is so spacious I was able to find this cute unit that holds all the extra toiletries that we store "in Paris".

The little Arc de Triomphe was a gift from a friend this past Christams.  She is my dear friend and knows how much I miss traveling, and what a difficult year this has been with John's recovery from a heart attack.  She sent this ornament as a reminder that better days are ahead.  I had it on the Christmas Tree but decided not to store it with the ornaments - it is perfect in Paris.
I was able to find a body wash that keeps the Paris theme...
and a French inspired Poo-Pourri, too.  This little table made the move from our living room to Paris.  It hold extra paper, Poo La La, and a clock I can see from the tub so I know when it is time to get out.  Our new home features a wonderful walk in shower in the owner's bath - but I still like a long soak and use this tub for my bubble baths.  Bubble Baths in Paris!
Found this print of the famous Shakespeare and Company book store in Paris...and the Paris letters - both in Ross a few years ago.   When we were in Paris for my 50th birthday we visited the famed bookstore near Notre Dame.  I purchased a book of poetry by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the owner invited us to tea in his apartment on the top floor of the building.  There were people there from all over the is a great memory.
Recently found this brush holder at At Home...and it followed me home.

The bath and toilet area is separated from the vanity area by a pocket door...I continued the Paris theme in the vanity area, too.
This soap dispenser came from a little gift shop in Niagara On The Lake while we were on vacation there...
The hand towel mimics the shower curtain, the clock has a Paris theme, and the print is from an artist we found in Nice...a beautiful watercolor of the Cote d Azur and our visit there.

Close up of the clock - found at Joann Fabrics several years ago...
The little Paris tray is a catch all that I found at Ross...

The waste basket was from our local BonTon store before it closed...I could not resist...
At the other end of the vanity area is a door which leads to a walk in closet...I found this canvas print at my local grocery store!!!
Now that this bath is connected to the guest room, Paris has been seeping out into the rest of the area...Eiffel Tower sheets... 

A little pillow on the bed...

The room also doubles as our office, so a Parisian pen and a faux book about Paris...
And lastly, this Hallmark card that I had to buy and frame...
I hope you enjoyed this little visit to Paris !  Do you have a favorite place that you bring into your decorating.   Do you have any themes for your rooms?  I am sure I will always be on the look out for things French and Parisian....until I get back to Paris!
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  1. One of our daughters majored in French in college and is currently teaching it at the secondary level! I latch onto all sorts of French-themed items for gifts for her, and in “her” room when she and her family visit, I have a few French-type knick-knacks. I love the idea of decorating with a theme in mind, and I love that you have carried over from the bath to the bedroom!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Nellie - how nice that you buy such great gifts for your daughter! It's fun finding great things! Have a great week !

  3. How wonderful that you were able to visit Paris so many times Ann. You will have all of those memories of it. I like the Paris theme you have going on in the bathroom.
    Thanks for the lovely blog visits. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. What a great post, and now I want Paris in my house as well. I also love Paris, and Summer of 2019 I was able to spend two weeks there! You have inspired me...

  5. Oh I just love this bathroom! I would love a Paris room in my home. I used to have Eiffel tower lamps and my son has Eiffel Tower sheets.. we both love anything Paris themed!


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