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January Finds


January Finds!

This paper bag ended up holding some found treasures.  The community where we live hosts a kind of garage/rummage sale called "Cash and Carry".  People donate all kinds of items and the cash goes to the community charity fund.   The sale is held in the auditorium of a building in the community.  Residents can donate items all year long, and then volunteers sort and price the items.  A sale is held several times a year.  The sale runs for two days...first day everything is the price it is marked.  Second day is half price sale for the first hour...and then...the last hour is $2.00 Bag Sale.   You purchase a bag for $2.00 and anything and everything that fits in the bag is yours...for $2.00 ! when we moved here, we downsized, cleaned out lots of "stuff", had a yard sale, and made many trips to donations centers to get rid of anything we no longer needed.  So, by that theory, I should not even think about going to Cash and Carry to buy things that other people discarded.  Right ?   Let's face it, I cannot resist a bargain. H
Here is what I was able to stuff into that bag...
First was a cute Valentine themed dish towel.  This looked new and like it was never used, so it went into the bag.

This jar of crystal fillers was marked at $2.00 - way too much.  But since I can always use more of these for my containers, in the bag it went!

These placemats looked brand new - marked at $4.00.  I don't use those colors in my dining room, but thought they would work for Fall tablescapes, so into the bag.

This was a great find!  My husband is a big Eagles fan ( as you can see from the container of Eagles paraphernalia that sadly is stored away until next year as the Eagles did not make it after the first Wild Card match up) and this travel mug looked brand new.  I checked the inside - never used.  It still had the NFL tag on the bottom.  SCORE - into the bag! 

This Melitta pour over looks a little rough, but I ran it through the dishwasher.  I have a single cup version that I just love.

This larger one will work great with the coffee pot I found a few years ago at Pottery Barn.  I love the pour over method of making coffee.  I heat the water in an electric kettle and it is so nice and hot.  And when guests are here it allows me to make regular, decaf, or tea...without making an entire pot of anything.  And I don't have a single cup machine cluttering up my counters.

Then I spied these...not sure if they are wine or champagne glasses, but I liked the look of them.  There were 5 - so I stuffed them into the bag (between the towel and placemats) and figured I will use them for something, someday.
Last thing to make it into the bag were these little lotus dishes.  Once again, only 5 of them - but perfect for dipping sauce, apple sauce as a side, whatever.
By this time my bag was clinking and getting heavy so I happily carried my finds home!
Other January purchases came from Amazon and Target...
We drove friends to the airport and stopped at a SUPER Target where I found some great things in the Dollar Zone -
This set of two containers for $5.00 

I used the larger one to corral the stamps and stampers I use most often...

This set of two risers (again, for 5 bucks) will be used a lot as I change things around.

A great artificial plant for the rooms where I don't get much light...

I loved this tray for 5 bucks...I like to arrange things on a tray on the coffee table and dining table.  I like the clean look and black metal on this one. Thanks to Kathryn from Do It On A Dime for the great Target ideas.  After seeing your video blog I had to get to Target!
Then I had to get some filters for the Melitta...Amazon to the rescue! -

I found the correct size for the new pour over and also found some filters for my percolator.  I really LOVE perked coffee!

This little tool has been getting a lot of mentions on some "best of Amazon" posts so I added that to my order.  It should be good for cleaning those little nooks and crannies around the house.

One last thing...the roller in the main bathroom started to show wear. It is a little thing, but it bothered me...

Amazon to the rescue!  It cost only $1.39 and was delivered the next day.  Looks much better now - even if we are the only ones who see it!
What have you purchased lately?  Do you go to yard sales, thrift shops, or rummage sales?  I would love to hear about your finds.  Leave a message below - I really enjoy hearing from you and making new blog friends.
Thanks for stopping by Our New Vista...have a great day!


  1. Gotta love the $$$ section of Target! You found some great items for sure. I'm checking out the Scrigit. Looks like something I need. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Lea - I already used the Scrigit to take a label off of a book and it saved my nails !

  2. You got such a great haul! I would love that kind of sale!! The Eagles mug was a fantastic score! I get great idea from Do It on a Dime too, Kathryn is great!I'll have to check out that little Amazon tool. The little things like the toilet roll holder can make a big difference to us!

    1. Thanks, Heather....I thought you would be psyched for the Eagles mug!

  3. You scored some great buys at the sale Ann. I like the little white bowls and the faux plant and stands. I hope you enjoy everything!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Julie. Yes - I used the little bowls for applesauce last night.


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