Monday, February 7, 2022

Little Bits of Love

 Little Bits of Love

Just a few little touches of love to make our home ready for Valentine's Day.

The wreath on our door is several years old.  Over the years I added the cupid and heart - and will be looking to get better, more colorful ribbon for next year.

I took the title for this blog from the name of the building we moved into over 4 years ago...and because I thought it was a good name for this next phase of our life.   Retired for 5 years now ( we retired one day apart) and really loving this life and being together all the time.   We recently watched Barefoot In The Park - 
From 1967, it is a great Neil Simon movie.  We love it because it reminds us of us when first married.  When the couple moves into their first apartment Jane Fonda, as Corey, writes LOVERS by their name on the mailboxes in the apartment foyer. Now that we are in an apartment I just got the idea to do that here!  
Blast from the past...first time I saw this film was in 1967/68 with my sister when she and her friend took me to Radio City Music Hall in NYC.  That was back when they showed movies in Radio City.  I was 12 years old and fell in love with this story and New York City! If you have never seen this film it is on Amazon Prime.  So much fun...and seeing a young Jane Fonda and Robert Redford is also great.  Lots of laughs in this movie!

Once in the front door I put my red lantern out and changed the holiday greens to a heart ribbon and ornament.  The Je T'aime is a printable from a few years ago, thanks to Ann of On Sutton Place.  I used some fillers and a heart pick from Dollar Tree to round out the scene.

This plate from Ross sits in the dining room hutch...along with some other red accents that I keep in there year round.

Dining table gets some more filler from Dollar Tree, another heart ornament ( also Dollar Tree ) with ribbon, and a pot of silk roses I have had for years.

The server in our dining room acts as a table behind our sofa, so I always have something on it that is easy to move to the side in case I need to set up dessert or candy for a dinner.   Just another bunch of Dollar Tree filler and another heart.

The corner of the kitsch gets a Valentine tin, a heart cookie cutter, and of course, the Eiffel Tower cookie cutter  - because what is more romantic than Paris ???

Another heart pick and a romantic snowman couple for the kitchen sink...

Coffee table gets a Dollar Tree treat...the tray and filler I had from last year.  This year I found the heart glass vase/candle holder.  The heart garland is from years ago...Martha Stewart for K-Mart.   When our
K-Mart closed I picked up quite a few things for pennies. The store is just a mile from our home and as of yet, nothing has taken it's place.  I miss was great to have it close by when you needed something/anything.

Another heart pick and a romantic bird house...

The little love plate was a favor at a luncheon hosted by a dear friend, the votive holder from Yankee Candles ( there is an outlet near me and I always come home with something I find...) and an ornament marking the place in this old book.  

In November I turn the pages to The Raven...but at Valentine's Day I always flip to Annabel Lee by Poe.  A very romantic poem.

How about you - do you decorate for Valentine's Day ? How do you celebrate - dinner out?  Stay at home?  We usually do not go out as it is always crowded...sometimes we go for a lunch out.  This year we are staying home and I will make something special. Some medical procedures coming up this week so planning on being homebodies in case we are in recovery mode.
Thanks so much for stopping by Our New Vista today - hope you have a wonderful, romantic Valentine's Week.  Please leave a comment below - I love hearing from you !


  1. Hi Ann, I have looked at your blog several times over the years, but I think this is the first time I've commented. I am always amazed at how many decorations you have for each holiday. I know you downsized some time back, so it's especially impressive that you find the space to hide all your goodies for the rest of the year!

    I too love Barefoot in the Park. Thanks for the reminder, I'll put it on my list of movies to watch again. In the winter, I often think of the scene where Jane's character is trying to light a fire in their little wood stove. She had a gigantic log sticking out of it, and she's holding a little match to the corner. I laughed so hard at that because as a young newlywed myself, I once did the same. I couldn't understand why the 'wood' didn't catch on fire. I held the flame right up to it! I also remember their tiny bedroom - barely big enough for their bed. So many cute moments in that movie.

    Thanks for the décor tour and best of luck with your medical procedures. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Thanks for the good thoughts ! Yes, that movie reminds us all of our early days. Have a great week !

  3. I like all of the Valentine's Day decorations throughout your home Ann. Good luck with the medical procedures this week.
    We usually go out to lunch together to celebrate Valentine's Day. I hope you both have wonderful VD!

  4. Thanks for the good wishes, Julie ! Loved your book post - you have inspired me to do one soon!

  5. We haven't gone out for Valentine's day in probably close to 15 or maybe even 18 years. I usually make something special at home and we just enjoy a quiet family night at home. You have lots of cute Valentine touches all around. Best of luck with your medical procedures.

  6. Your decor is so pretty and festive. I like adding little touches of love for Valentine's day. I haven't seen that movie. I will add it to my queue on Amazon. I hope the medical procedures all go well and you have quick recoveries!

    1. Thanks, Heather. You will like the movie...dated, but so many funny lines. Thanks for the good thoughts...husband having eye surgery. I can't be in the waiting are due to Covid so I am a bit nervous!


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