Monday, August 28, 2023

Goodbye Summer


Goodbye to Summer

Labor Day Weekend coming up and I am always surprised at how quickly summer goes by!

I put our sunflower wreath out for the month of August and did some other late summer decorating, too.  Thought I would share before I pack away summer and break out the Fall decorations soon.

The entry to our apartment is the perfect place for a planter...faux plant!  I found the garden stake sunflower at Dollar Tree.

A sunflower, a green moss ball ( more about those later ) and a great print with an Anne Frank quote welcome people into our home.  I love the pintables from Ann at On Sutton Place
and like to change them out for each month.  Thanks, Ann!

Simple table with some great faux flowers found at JoAnn's Fabrics and some candles.

I always kill any orchid I get as a gift, so this faux one is the way to go...along with the other "plants".

I use the pillow cover we bought at the Van Gogh Experience for some more sunflower fun.

Easy coffee table decorations...some beads from Dollar Tree, a bowl filled with green moss balls I got from Amazon during Prime days, another plant, a candle I have had forever, and some sunflowers.

The glare is preventing you seeing the plate from Dollar Tree that says "Bee happy"...John hates it because it is not grammatically correct!  The sunflower bottle has mini lights and the bee hive honey pot was found on the Dollar Zone at Target.

Saw this bottle of wine and thought it was perfect to sit out for a bit!

A little matching bee bowl from Dollar Tree and small lamp from Target in the kitchen corner.
I have been shopping a lot this summer and will do a post soon about all my finds...but the biggest and best is this - 
Been thinking about getting a robot vacuum for awhile now...we love our Dyson cordless and did not think we needed it.  Our bedrooms always seemed to get dusty so fast and when I saw this Shark robot on sale at Costco...
and saw that it was self empty...I put it in my cart.  It was fun to watch the robot map our home...and I had to have it map the space a few times before I felt it was accurate.  Then I used the Shark app to create rooms and name them ( though I have been having it do the entire apartment most times ) and named the robot Rosie - like the vacuuming robot in the Jetsons!  I have to say...I LOVE IT!  I plan on vacuuming with the Dyson on the days I clean our apartment, but I run this a few times a week in between cleanings and am amazed at what it picks up.  Ran it while out doing errands on Saturday and when I emptied it ( I can't wait a month...want to see how it is working) it looked like dryer it is getting the dust!  
That's it for now...thanks for stopping by Our New Vista!  Let me know if you have a robot vac, do you like it, and what did you name it?  And share if you are still decorating for late summer...or have you brought out the Fall decor? I love reading your comments !
Have a great Labor Day Weekend !


  1. Those little robots look like such fun! I always wonder how they would do with our big area rugs on hardwood. A little research needed there, but I'd love to have one, especially if it empties itself! Thanks for reminding me I want to look into this! :)

    1. We have 9x12 area rugs on hardwood and it goes over and around and on top! Not sure how it would do with tassels, but it really works for us!

  2. Ann, I love all of your sunflower decorations scattered around you house. I don't have one of those vaccum cleaners but it's a great idea. I love using my Dyson too! I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

  3. I don't have one of those robots but I would love to watch my cat with one. I've heard good things about them but also that they can have issues with area rugs and things. If I lived on one level, I would definitely consider one. Your sunflower decor is so nice! I love that pillow cover from Van Gogh. I thought the bee stuff at DT was so cute!


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