Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Sunflower Table


Sunflower Setting

We recently had my sister and niece visit for brunch - it was a beautiful day so I set up for the visit on the screen porch.
A few days earlier I just happened upon these sunflower chargers at Hobby Lobby - 4.99 each was a great price, but they were on the 70% off section so I grabbed the 5 that were left.
I used the extra charger as a base for a simple centerpiece...a faux green plant and stuck in some yellow flowers.

I used an old Pfaltzgraff patter called Hopscotch...I found them in the outlet years ago and only have a setting for 4, so this worked...each plate is a different fruit - pear, peach, cherry, apple.  I have 4 matching saucers and 5 matching cups...I usually use the extra cherry cup to hold lemons for tea.
The napkins are several years old, from Kohls...and the napkin rings were an end of season find at Wegmans...a real steal!

I set up some dessert treats on the dining room server....some Rolo pretzel treats, Almond Joy cookies, and since carrot cake is my sister's favorite treat I made one and put it on my grandmother's cake stand!
It was a great visit and a wonderful after noon!

Hard to believe we had room for these treats after enjoying French Toast, Fruit Salad, and Bacon....but we did!
Here is the recipe for the French Toast - 

This is the French Toast before I popped it into the oven.  I forgot to take photos of the process, but it is SUPER easy.
I have the recipe for 1973 there was  book called 
The Total Woman. It was a "how to be a good wife" book and it was a hoot to read.  But...the author, Maribel Morgan, wrote another called The Total Woman Cookbook in 1980.  I was working in a library at the time and saw the book...and this recipe.  Been making it ever since!

French Toast Casserole  Serves 6  to 8
1 loaf of French or Italian bread
8 large eggs
3 cups milk ( I use milk and that sugar free sweet Italian creamer)
4 teaspoons of sugar ( when I use the creamer I do not use sugar)
3/4 teaspoons salt
1 Tablespoon vanilla
2 Tablespoons butter, cut in small pieces
Grease a 13x9 pan.  Cut bread into 1 inch thick pieces and arrange in one layer on bottom of pan.  I cut as many as I can and try to squeeze them in without squeezing too much. Beat eggs with remaining ingredients except butter and cinnamon.  Pour over bread in pan.    Dot the top of each piece with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon.  Cover with foil and refrigerate 4 - 36 hours.  Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes, until puffy and light brown.  Let stand for 5 minutes before serving.   Top with hot maple syrup and serve with bacon or sausage.

I cut the recipe for this in half since there was just the four of us for brunch...and we needed to have room for Carrot Cake!

We finished the afternoon off by relaxing on the VUE...the rooftop deck on our building.

Looking forward to packing all these sunflower summer items away and arranging some Fall tablescapes. 

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  1. Ann, this is lovely. Love sister time and sunflowers.

  2. I love sunflowers and I like how they can be decor for summer and early fall. Your plates are so pretty and the food looked amazing...especially that carrot cake and the French toast.Yum! I'm so jealous of your screened in porch. That is my dream!

  3. Ann, how nice to entertain your sister and niece. I love the way you decorated the table with a sunflower theme. The french toast casserole sounds so good and I bet was delicious tasting. I hope you enjoy the long weekend Ann.

  4. What a beautiful post full of goodness. Blessings. Regine


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